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Product Portfolio

We offer several additives and ingredients which are used in Food, Feed and Meat Processing and Manufacturing. In addition our products are also used extensively Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Paints, Printing Inks, Rubber, Plastics/PVC, Pesticides, Explosives, Tanneries, Textitle and Sugar Industries, etc.

Soya Lecithin Liquid Soya Lecithin Powder Soya Lecithin Granules
Soya Protein Isolate Soya Protein Concentrate Soya Protein 50%
Soya Nuggets Soya Mini Chunks Soya Mince (Granules)
Soya Flour Soya Grit Soya Flakes
Lecithin Oil Zinc Oxide Soya Pitch Oil
Alkyd Resin Epoxidized Soyabean Oil Process Anti-Oxidant (PAO)
Deodorizer Distillate Soya Fatty Acid (Distilled) Oleic Acid
Zeolite Zirconium Sand Zirconium Flour

If you are looking for a related product, not mentioned on the website, please contact Us. We may be able to get it for you. Either we already may have it, or we can arrange to for you through our extensive partner network.